Saturday, February 5, 2011

Getting Ready to Start a New Adventure

Hello, Everyone! Just didn't want you to think I had dissappeared off the face of the planet. In the last few months there has been lots of upheaval in the Adams/ Tinsley household. Much uncertainty about employment and many other person things I don't really want to go into here.

  One of my recent business decisions has been to change my online selling venue. I used to be with Artfire but they are making changes that don't really work for me. I have loved being a part of the community at Artfire and have enjoyed the many friends I have made there. I truly hope to keep in touch with those people because they have been very supportive and friendly. If you are from Artfire and wish to get in touch with me please don't hesitate to leave me a blogger message. I will send you my email.

  I know that my leaving was sudden. To be honest with you, the reason for that is that I am terrible at saying goodbye. Though I won't be taking part in the Artfire forums anymore, it doesn't mean that I don't want to stay in touch.

This business decision has been tough for me. But my Mom & Dad taught me to stand up for what I believe in and that is why I am changing venues.

I intend to have 2 shops, one at Etsy, which I will treat, as my friend Kibbles says, as my "weekend whore." In other words, list and run. I just want to try it because I see that a great many fine artists do very well there. Who knows? Maybe I will do o.k. there, too. I am also going to be opening a shop on craftisart and probably dawanda, as well.

But the thing I am most excited about is that I am in the planning stages of having my own website! I know that the effort that goes into marketing and promoting your own website is HUGE, but I believe I am up to the task.

To top it all off, I am going to start a new day job this week. So there will be some intense settling in to be done. But I am excited about all of the changes and I am very happy that all of my friends (you guys!) have found me here. I'll keep you posted on what is going on with Wendy Adams Fine Arts. Take care.

P.S. Look for new Artsytype! posts here soon!


  1. I was looking for you on AF this a.m.,found you on Twitter (you may want to change AF link on your profile there), followed up and here I am. Congrats, on all your changes. You inspire me, too, because you stand up for yourself and don't bow to crowd.

    Etsy has worked somewhat for me without spending too much listing, but my website has always done better. So, go for your www and blog.

  2. Thanks, Joann, for mentioning the link. I have noticed that most artists of any note have their own websites and that is what I am shooting for. Thanks for the nice comment.

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  4. just saw a post at AF forum asking when did you close your shop...found this link posted and now am here to ask if job info I gave to you worked out,or you found FT work elsewhere?

    so glad all is working out for you,Wendy!

    cheers,gayle (

  5. I miss you..I know you are doing what is right for you. So happy to hear that you got a new job. Wishing you all the best, my friend..

  6. Hi! Just read the thread on AF that u made a career change! Keep in touch!! We miss your insight :)

  7. You brought a great uproar on AF. It is very hard when you have to make decisions other don't understand. I too downgraded to basic. Not working on anything right now but keeping myself sane. Good luck with your website.

  8. Hi Wendy, I am so glad I found the link to your blog in the AF forums. I am happy to read that you got a new day job. What will you be doing?

    I am having a website built. I had one of those do it yourself-ers for a long time and decided to take the plunge for one with better graphics. A graphics artist I'm not.

    Keep in touch,

  9. I thought I hadn't seen you in the AF Forums for a while. Sorry to hear you closed your shop down. We will miss you but wish you all good luck!

  10. You have given me some good advice on Artfire and I just want to say I always admire your class. I will miss seeing you post on Artfire but I wish you well in your new endevours. Join us on UEF if you would like. It's open to anyone and there are many wonderful artists that have become members there since Etsy changed their forums as well. Good Luck!

  11. Hi Wendy, I rarely read or post on AF these days so I just saw the post about your departure. Glad to hear that you have a new day job, and want to wish you good luck with all your endeavors. Take care! Tali