Wednesday, November 10, 2010

A Fun, Musically Green Ornament Craft Project

Every year I try something new and creative for our vertical yule log. The log is a post in our house that originally came from a tree in our back yard and it is now a part of the house. Our house is very small. About 700 square feet and it houses 3 people, a large dog and a cat. With so little space, we went with wrapping the log in garland and attaching ornaments to it.

We are musicians in this house and so we have a very musical theme to our tree. And, like a lot of people, we have in the last two or three years started downloading most of our music from itunes and listening to the ipod. We have TONS of cds that will literally never see the light of day again. What to do, what to do? Make the most of them! If you like something a little kitchy and flashy and music related, this is the craft project for you.

Get yourself 2 old cd's. I used 2 cds that had paper labels. Using household craft glue that dries clear, glue them together, label to label. Let dry four or more hours. Then, using the same glue or super glue (being VERY careful of placement because with superglue you can't change it once it's down) embellish your cd with, well, just about anything! Sequins, little jewels, flat sided beads, you name it. I went with guitar picks. But you get the picture. Let dry 4 to 6 hours, then do the other side. Let dry 4 to 6 more hours. Take a 6" length of ribbon, cord, string or beading line, run it through the hole in the middle then double knot it tightly right next to the edge of the cd. Then make another knot to tie the ends together.

Voila! You have a fun, recycled cd holiday ornament for your tree. Enjoy! See pics below.
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  1. Those are so clever! Very creative.

  2. Wendy, you might wish to connect this link at the foot of this post to your Etsy or, if it's up and running yet, your new website. Since your shop is closed, this link isn't giving you any help, it's ending up on Artfire's front page. I'm sorry to see you are not still on Artfire, but glad that you are still active with your art. Wishing you the best in your new job and ventures!

    aka TimelyImpressions